Cow Calf On T-shirt, Hoodie or Sweater

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22 Best Cow Calfs on Tees, Hooded Sweaters or Tank Tops

Shop a very cute Cow Calf on T-shirt, Hoodie or Sweater? Make a statement with a hot Crop Tee or Tank Top with Calf and some flowers. You will shine in this printed apparel. Hee, got some Baby Cow milk?

For Pet and Animal Lovers

Show your love for these wonderful animals! It doesn’t matter if you’r a rancher girl, city girl or country boy. We all share this feeling. This innocent but stylish baby Cow hits the heart of all Pet lovers like Veterinarians and Vet Assistents, School girls and Fashion lovers, etc, etc.

Relaxing in grass and flowers

And don’t forget the tiny flowers. Did you see those?! Now that’s a capture of a special moment. Relaxing and laying in the green grass, with his or her family all around. This cool Cow Calf has it all and makes you feel good!

Shop this feeling, we offer 22 different apparel. T-shirt (tees) in different qualities, sizes and colors, Hooded Sweaters (Hoodies) and Tank Tops! Happy times!

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